Professional Team

Professional Approach

Become part of a team that is out to change the world, a pioneer who’ll forever be remembered. Be someone who cared about the future generations.

High Level of Education

Global Recognition

Let's be part of a nation that acknowledges the future of sustainable living, a nation that acts according to our global needs.

We Make The Future

Individual and Group Programs

You are the innovators of solar energy, and the future of photovoltaic systems.

Little About us

 What We Do

Our passion combines the components of intellectual and technical abilities, presenting career opportunities for men and women with competitive skills. We are the education specialist with the most to offer any student who is willing to take charge of their life through new and challenging endeavors. Eferon School is the obvious and simply the best option for those who ready to start and those who are continuing their education to succeed.


Our History

Eferon School has been in operation since 2005 and is rapidly developing into an academic institute. Our school will be offering many different classes in the near future with other career opportunities.

Our facility is conveniently located in the heart of Jersey City, and can be accessed through many different directions. The most recognizable, reliable, and affordable way in is the Journal Square Transit Hub.

In conclusion to our inspiration, dedication, and drive to reach our goals, we currently seek individuals to fill the jobs that are available now and in the future. Our responsibility is to you and those around you to keep America's workforce thriving with new talent.

We welcome you, come visit us at our school. Simply call to arrange a meeting and/or free sit in with one of our instructors. Learn first-hand what it is like to be inspired through education. We promise to enlighten you with knowledge and teach you the latest technology that will take you further than yesterday's version of yourself.


Mike Ferrero

“... I am learning the most effective techniques on the job market and preparing for my NAPCEP exam. The best thing about all this is that I am making connections along the way."

Jesica Parker

“...I was treated like a king at Eferon School; the staff was accommodating to my every need. I couldn't have asked for any better treatment and motivation!...”