Professional Team

Professional Approach

Become part of a team that is out to change the world, a pioneer who’ll forever be remembered. Be someone who cared about the future generations.

High Level of Education

Global Recognition

Let's be part of a nation that acknowledges the future of sustainable living, a nation that acts according to our global needs.

We Make The Future

Individual and Group Programs

You are the innovators of solar energy, and the future of photovoltaic systems.

Our Classes

Entry-Level Classes

Our entry-level classes are for beginners. It’s the best way to learn the basics without being overwhelmed with too much information.

Our students will be introduced to PV Systems and their components. They will cover the fundamentals of electricity, and its critical role in a PV Systems. We train our students well to better prepare them for the NAPCEP exam.

Refresher Classes

Sometimes you need or want to take a brake from academics. This class has been assembled for individuals who need to refresh their skills.

At times you will come across situations that might sidetrack you temporarily. At times your own ambitions will have you seek to improve yourself. Our staff will try to accommodate any student with a refresh class catered around their schedule.

Advanced Classes

These classes are for those who would like to specialize in a specific category within the PV industry. Those individuals who would like to make a name for themselves in the field.

It could be that a position at your current job is becoming available soon, or maybe you would like to interview for a better job elsewhere. Whatever the reason, you can facilitate your progress exponentially