Professional Team

Professional Approach

Become part of a team that is out to change the world, a pioneer who’ll forever be remembered. Be someone who cared about the future generations.

High Level of Education

Global Recognition

Let's be part of a nation that acknowledges the future of sustainable living, a nation that acts according to our global needs.

We Make The Future

Individual and Group Programs

You are the innovators of solar energy, and the future of photovoltaic systems.

About Staff

Our Director

My name is Louis Nkrumah and it is my honor to welcome you to our school website. At Eferon you can expect to be given the best opportunity for your success.

I am proud to introduce a facility that has encompassed a variety of essential elements needed for continued education. I will personally see to it that all my students feel welcome while getting a high level education.

I encourage everyone to never give up on their dreams and keep progressing in life. A good education is the only thing you need to be successful. Together we will conserve energy!

Our Staff

Anna Marie Bethea

- Director of Admissions

Ms. Anna Marie Bethea has over 30 years experience Directing and Managing all facets of Admissions Services in the Academic field.

George Oliver

- Master Installer | Project Manager

Mr. George Oliver has over 10 years experience as a master installer and is currently a project manager for Sunshine Solar Power II.

Elizabeth Cotto

- Administrative Specialist

Ms. Cotto is a Eferon Solar Solutions Alumni who has over 3 years experience providing direct administrative support in the Academic field.

Wycliffe Reid

- Assistant Director of Admissions | Recruiter

Mr. Wycliffe Reid brings over 8 years project management experience working with multiple demographics and has a passion for providing stellar service.

Lucas Tuberquia

- Substitute Teacher

Mr. Lucas Tuberquia is a Eferon Solar Solutions Alumni who has over 5 years experience in the Solar industry and also teaches classes at Eferon Solar.

Our Resources

Some of our affiliates are sending big praise along with thier job listings!

“We are thrilled to see an academic institution, pumping out so much talent.”

- Pure Power Systems

We at Eferon have a need for new and talented students. We take recruitment very serious.

Dedicated employers care for thier staff and about the quality of work they provide.