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Become part of a team that is out to change the world, a pioneer who’ll forever be remembered. Be someone who cared about the future generations.

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Let's be part of a nation that acknowledges the future of sustainable living, a nation that acts according to our global needs.

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You are the innovators of solar energy, and the future of photovoltaic systems.

Our courses


Having the basic understanding of electrical components and knowing the dangers and safety measures taken when dealing with high voltage electricity.

Balance of System

Assessing the needs of a project and combining the most efficient components. Then, system should be tested for performance & durability.


Insulation is just one of the ways to save money. Another way to save is to arrange a deal with your electric company to buy back any left-over energy.


After this course, our students can dissect any type of system and their components. Our students will know How to perform maintenance and even trouble-shoot any PV system.

Market Applications

Applying PV Systems and their design for practical use. Keeping an eye on the true potential of this technology, while exploring any small gain from PV Systems.

Job Placement

Potential graduates will have the opportunity to prepare a resume. After becoming certified by the state, a student is almost guaranteed a job in the PV Solar industry.

School Overview

width= Students who successfully complete this course will become equipped with a modern-day awareness regarding diverse PV components and equipment. Our students will receive hands-on training on many troubleshooting techniques. We strive to lift our students into a high-level of knowledge and launch them into various demanding new careers. (select image to download presentaation)